Our team is comprised of JUUL enthusiasts who have experienced the same difficulties again and again while using the product we love. With the belief that everything can always be improved upon, we pursued the notion of how we could elevate our favorite smoking alternative without sacrificing the graceful design and ease of use that makes the JUUL special.

The main issues that we encountered firsthand were echoed by other JUUL users: no protective solutions for such a fragile product, no options for variety, and the constant worry of losing such a small, lightweight item. We thought about the mouthpiece, constantly exposed to the elements. We looked at all of the devices of our friends and colleagues: exactly the same size and color, impossible to tell apart. We remembered all the times that we had connected our JUUL to its USB charger at night, only to wake up and find that a tuft of lint trapped in the charging portal had prevented it from becoming ready to go for the day.

From these concerns, the Majide case was born. It’s a slim, ergonomic protective layer between your JUUL and the rest of the world. We’ve divided it into three removable pieces specifically designed to fit the mouthpiece, shaft, and charging portal, to combat the issues associated with each. Caps on each end keep gunk out of vulnerable places, and a grippy texture keeps the whole device safe and sound in your hand. Plus, we splashed it with color: 10 choices for you to express a little personality while you protect.

The Majide case enhances the experience of using your JUUL. It’s the only case available that offers true impact protection without interfering with design or usability, and provides an all-in-one solution to the most common issues you’ll encounter. In fact, we believe no JUUL is complete without a Majide case— pick one up and experience the difference for yourself.