The Majide offers a 3-in-1 solution for protecting your JUUL from germs, dirt, and impact. Intelligently designed with three removable pieces to protect against these intruders without sacrificing the ease of use that we’ve come to expect from the JUUL, the Majide case keeps your piece safe and sound.

  • The cap designed for the mouthpiece keeps germs and dirt trapped outside— any particles that your JUUL picks up while knocking around your pocket, bag, car, or elsewhere will never make it to your mouth.
  • The ergonomic shaft piece adds a layer of grip and impact protection, preventing your JUUL from sliding out of your hand.
  • Finally, the cover for the charging port banishes the gunk that can creep into this inset space throughout the day. Say goodbye to the dirt, lint, and other grime that can build up and prevent your JUUL from charging up. The Majide keeps your piece clean and juiced up for optimal performance.


Everyone’s JUUL is identical, which is an issue for one of the leading smoking alternative brands. It’s easy to get devices mixed up when so many of us are using them, and they all look exactly the same. Majide answers to this issue with a range of 10 distinctive colors to bring individuality to your device. Never worry about grabbing someone else’s piece again with the personal flair of Majide distinguishing yours.


The JUUL is as light as air— a sleek design that makes it easy to look at, but just as easy to misplace. Without a case, this slim device tends to vanish into pockets and bags, and is so lightweight that it almost feels nonexistent if you aren’t constantly keeping track of its whereabouts. The Majide adds necessary heft and tangibility to something that otherwise can feel as if it could disappear into your hand.